The Highlights of the Tour

This 6 days tour to Uzbekistan lets you explore the treasuries of ancient monuments and traditions: Bukhara and Samarkand!

Admire beautiful blue domes of mosques in Samarkand, explore the best examples of Islamic architecture in Bukhara and mingle with locals in bustling Chorsu bazaar of Tashkent.

Experience rich culture of local people and explore breathtaking views of nature.


6 days/ 5 nights

Day 1 Tashkent

Day 2 Tashkent –Bukhara

Day 3 Bukhara – Samarkand

Day 4 Samarkand

Day 5 Samarkand – Tashkent  

Day 6 Tashkent –Departure

Detailed itinerary

Day 1 Welcome to Tashkent!

 Flight to Tashkent. Driver will welcome you at Tashkent International Airport. Transfer to hotel and leave luggage (check-in at/after 14:00).

Sightseeing tour in Tashkent begins by visit to the Complex of Khast-Imam (reconstructed in 2007), religious center of Tashkent. Architectural ensemble includes several constructions, built in XVI –XIX cc.; then you will discover beautiful madrasa Kukeldash.

Lunch time. In the afternoon visit to The Museum of Applied Art of Tashkent, the ancient palace of Russian diplomat Alexander Polovtsev that is transformed to the museum in 1938; Explore beautiful and unusual underground stations of Tashkent, Amir Temur Square and Independence Square, visit to one of the biggest Bazaar of Uzbekistan, Chorsu.

Dinner time. Overnight at hotel

Day 2 Tashkent – Bukhara (domestic train)

Breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to railway station to take fast speed train to Bukhara. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel and leave the luggage (check-in at 14:00).

Full day sightseeing program includes the visits to: Architectural complex Poi-Kalyan (means «Foot of the Great»), consists of three constructions built in XII-XVI centuries; the madrasa of Ulug Beg and Abdulaziz Khan; Tim Abdullah Khan – a covered bazaar built in 1577; Magok-i Attari Mosque (today, Museum of Carpets) is one of the oldest architectural monuments where you will find heathen shrines, the remains of a Buddhist monastery, a Zoroastrian Temple in Bukhara.

Lunch time.

In the afternoon continue to explore other monuments, as: architectural Ensemble Laybi-Hauz (means «the shore of reservoir»), consists of three monumental buildings: Kukeldash madrassa and two other religious buildings: Hanaka and Madrasah of Nadir Divan-Begi; Ark-Citadel –a residence of Bukhara khans, a massive fortress, built and occupied around the 5th century AD. Bolo-Hauz Mosque, built in the 17th century; the mausoleum of Ismail Samani, one of the most ancient monuments in the city, mausoleum Chashma Ayub.

Dinner time. Overnight at hotel.

Day 3 Bukhara –Samarkand (domestic train)

Breakfast at hotel.

In the morning you will visit other monuments situated in countryside of the Bukhara: the mosque Tchor Minor, or « Four Minarets », hidden in the alleys of the ancient district of the city, an example of XIX cc. monument; summer residence of Bukhara Emirs, Sitora-i-Mokhi Khosa, which was the second residence of the last emir of Bukhara.

In the afternoon you will visit holy site, the memorial complex of Hazrati Bakhouddin Naqshbandi – the founder of Naqshbandiya Order, located in the village of Qasri Orifon and Chor –Bakr Necropolis, a complex located in Sumiton village.

In the afternoon, at 14:30 transfer to Railway Station to take train express to Samarkand. Departure at 15:30, arrival in Samarkand at 17:25, welcome by driver and transfer and check-in to hotel.

Dinner time. Overnight at hotel.

Day 4 Samarkand

Breakfast at hotel.

In the morning begin sightseeing tour in Samarkand: The Registan Square (“Sandy Place”), the ensemble of three madrasahs (the Ulughbek Madrasah (1417-1420), the Sher Dor Madrasah (1619-1636) and the Tillya Kori Madrasah (1646-1660)) is a unique example of town-building art, a remarkable pattern of the architectural planning of the main town square; The Gur-Amir Mausoleum –a world known masterpiece of Central Asian architecture, the family crypt of the great dynasty of Tamerlane, with a fine ribbed dome and decorated with paper-maché inside.

Lunch time.

In the afternoon you will explore other miracles of the city: The Pearl of Samarkand – Bibi Khanum Mosque. Constructed in 1399 by the best architects and artisans of Khorossan, Azerbaijan, Persia and India, the mosque was compared on the beauty and shining with the Milky Way; the Siyab Bazaar, the most ancient and biggest in Samarkand.  

Overnight at hotel.

Day 5 Samarkand – Tashkent (domestic train)

Breakfast at hotel. In the morning meet the guide and begin sightseeing tour, visits to: the Memorial Complex of Imam Al-Bukhari, the great theologian of the East, who collected and recorded about 600 thousand hadith, sayings of the Prophet. Besides, al-Bukhari selected as “flawless” about 7400 hadith to include into the famous “As-Sahih” which became the second most important book after the Koran for the majority of Sunni; the Shakhi-Zinda ensemble with more than 20 buildings, built from early XI up to XIV cc. Each mausoleum has its own style of decoration and great fantasy of skillful artisans.

Lunch time.

In the afternoon continue visit to the mausoleum of Hodja Daniyar, located near the healing spring and attracts crowds of tourists every day. Some believe that Daniel was biblical prophet others – associate him with fellow-soldier of Kusam ibn Abbas.

At 16:30 transfer to railway station and take fast speed train to Tashkent at 17:00. Arrival in Tashkent at 19:10, transfer and check-in to the hotel.

Dinner time. Overnight at hotel.

Day 6 Tashkent –Departure

Transfer to the Airport for taking flights.

Have a safe flight! End of our services!