This tour lasts 7days/7night (Tashkent-Samarkand-Bukhara-Khiva-Tashkent). During the trip you will attend the most famous and historical cities of Uzbekistan: Tashkent (1night), Samarkand (2 nights), Bukhara (2 nights) and Khiva (2 nights).

Day 1


Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. It’s known for its many museums and its mix of modern and Soviet-era architecture. The Amir Timur Museum houses manuscripts, weapons and other relics from the Timurid dynasty. Nearby, the huge State Museum of History of Uzbekistan has centuries-old Buddhist artifacts. The city’s skyline is distinguished by Tashkent Tower, which offers city views from its observation deck.

Arrival in Tashkent by early flight. Upon arrival in Tashkent, meeting with the guide and early check-in at a hotel. Breakfast at the hotel.

Afternoon tour of tashkent after check-out from the hotel . At the end of the day we take an evening high-speed train to the city of Samarkand.

Upon arrival in Samarkand, check-in at the hotel

Day 2


Samarkand is a city in Uzbekistan known for its mosques and mausoleums. It’s on the Silk Road, the ancient trade route linking China to the Mediterranean. Prominent landmarks include the Registan, a plaza bordered by 3 ornate, majolica-covered madrassas dating to the 15th and 17th centuries, and Gur-e-Amir, the towering tomb of Timur (Tamerlane), founder of the Timurid Empire. 

Breakfast. Excursion in the heart of Uzbekistan – Samarkand (“Stone City”) – one of the oldest inhabited cities in Central Asia, flourishing due to its location on the Great Silk Road between China and the Mediterranean Sea. At times, Samarkand was one of the greatest cities in Central Asia. There is evidence of human activity in the area of ​​the city since the late Paleolithic era, although there is no direct evidence of when exactly Samarkand was founded, some theories say that it was founded between the 8th and 7th centuries BC.

Day 3


Breakfast in the hotel, arrival in Bukhara by train AFROSIYOB 10.00-11.30.

Visit Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa (mid-19th century) – the summer residence of the last Emir of Bukhara. Bukhara architects, who were educated in Russia, managed to combine eastern and western styles in their work. The mausoleum of Bakhutdin Nakshbandi (XIV century) is one of the most important Muslim shrines. The mausoleum of St. Bahouddin Nakshbandi is considered a Central Asian Mecca. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4


Breakfast. Tour of the historical center of Bukhara – one of the main centers of Persian civilization since its inception in the VI century BC. The architectural and archaeological monuments of the city are one of the pillars of the history and art of Central Asia. The Bukhara region was part of the Persian Empire for a long time.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5


Breakfast. Transfer to Khiva (480 km). Our route passes through the Amu Darya River and the Red Desert (Kyzilkum).

Arrival in Khiva and accommodation at the hotel. Free time. Overnight at a hotel in Khiva.

Day 6


After breakfast at the hotel, we start a full day tour of the city of Khiva – one of the most beautiful cities in the region. The city is surrounded by walls 2500 meters long and has 4 entrances.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 7


Breakfast or breakfast to go at the hotel. Transfer to Urgench airport (35 km) and flight to Tashkent.

Departure from Uzbekistan